It's been 7 days since our release and so far we have been positively overwhelmed with how many people decided to use our website. I have been asked about actual statistics few times so here they are:

  • A grand total of 85000 unique computer builds. If manually this process takes 5 minutes per build we have effectively saved... over 7000 hours!
  • Nearly a billion possible combinations of PCs possible with our current list of parts.

I want to thank everyone who has used this tool in this time, hope it was useful!

As for our future plans and feedback we have received, you can expect following updates coming soon:

  • RAM was the most common complaint as this application often opted for 32/64GB which was too much for many builds. We are changing this as it will be possible to focus on either more RAM (great for video/photo editing) or less but faster RAM (better for gaming).
  • More options available in the upgrade planner. My intent is to support PCs built after 2010. Turns out some platforms (eg. X99) were missing altogether, same with certain GPU models. I am steadily adding them to the list - it will take a bit however as figuring out how performant they are in current applications takes a while and requires some tests.
  • MUCH better builds outside of USA - I know that builds in Germany and France are really poor compared to United States yet and I am working on both adding new parts and making sure prices of existing ones are up to date in these markets.
  • Many smaller UX improvements - ability to filter games by resolution, dark mode (yay!), saving your current PC in the upgrade planner so you don't have to enter it again and many others.