Apple has always been an interesting benchmark of consumer market. They are not only known for settings pricepoints unforeseen from their competitors but also by removing features that have always seemed to be a given. Yet they go forward with their ideas and sell millions of their devices.


This time at WWDC 2019 Apple has presented a pretty expensive combo. They unveiled a new Mac Pro (with cheese grater like design) and 6K Pro Display XDR. Jokes aside the new design is slick and I’m sure many will love Apple's unexpected comeback to their older design (one before “trashcan”). However there was one concering aspect in their presentation. Said display costs 4999$ for a base model and 5999$ if you are interested in the one with nano texture glass layer. This is a very high pricepoint although in all fairness - specs this screen offers are a real deal and you are not going to find it's competitors easily.

What however is priced somewhat more... unfairly so to speak is their screen stand. One would think that a $6000 screen will come with one but nope, this optional accessory costs 999$.


We should all understand that the targeted userbase that buys this kind of products is rich and most likely nearly permanently attached to Apple's ecosystem. Hence they are a perfect base to experiment on and check where customers draw line. Ultimately this kind of predatory price increase will be followed by many of their customers leaving.

However there is logic to Apple's actions. Look at the automotive industry for instance. You start from a relatively cheap base model to get you interested but you will be paying dearly for every additional expansion. Same logic applies here - base Mac Pro has relatively weak specs. But the maximum it can reach (and what was presented) is a very different story. You are shown a pricepoint that you can accept and then steadily raise this value until a computer is sufficient for your needs. $1000 screen stand sounds crazy in the void. It sounds significantly more sane when you are about to spend $15000 on a computer.

Apple is well aware of their perceived position of a premium grade manufacturing. Hence they try  to exploit such business tactics to maximize their profits. There is however a possibility that other manufacturers will follow suit, just like it has happened in the past with headphone jack for instance.

Getting back to the main topic I think that people that buy this kind of display are upgrading their present rigs and for sure they have solid screen holders. The stand price will probably bother newcomers most. The bright side of buying such a tool might be a quick support if something fails but again after last issues with nearly unfixable imacs I am not so sure anymore.

Either way if it comes to specs the display seems to be quite a beast.

  • 32” (6016 x 3384) 6K
  • 218 ppi
  • 1000 nits (1600 peak)
  • and series of beautiful renders and photos from expo